Anne Williams

Anne Williams
Gilles Pryor the Wonderful artist who drew this portrait of Anne Williams for us. Said she tried to capture the hurt and pain in her face _ I think she accomplished this brilliantly. 

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Hillsborough Justice Campaign - Anne Williams - Community Navigator Services CIC
When Anne Williams said goodbye to her son it would be the final farewell, she would say to her son Kevin. Of course, she was not alone in these 96

Anne Williams

A great mother, a brilliant campaigner, a brave warrior

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in April 1989

Her entire world was torn apart, turned on its head

As she and millions watched the nightmare at Hillsborough

Play out before her eyes, her only son lost his life there

On the playing field, as a nation looked on in horror

From that moment and for the rest of her life

She would campaign and fight for justice

For her son and the ninety-seven others

that lost their life that dreadful day

A fight that took her life in so many ways

And filled every hour of her  waking days

The horror will forever be burned into the memory

Of those that witnessed it,

But the true injustice was the fact that the establishment

Refused to acknowledge the truth of

what truly happen that day, which was the real crime

people believe the fight took her life, killed her

she would reply at the end of her life

this campaign gave my life a purpose

Because Anne gave football justice

She gave the city of Liverpool justice

The ninety-seven got justice because of Anne

The legacy she leaves is teaching campaigners

That no matter how long it takes,

how hard the journey may appear

continue, keep going, because victory is possible

if you have the courage to continue

Anne was an exceptional mother, an extraordinary woman

A true working-class hero, a souse of extreme courage

Anne Williams this space is a better more just place

For having you live in it

Anne Williams this is a sadder, worse place

For you leaving us, for we are lost

Hillsborough Blues
On a sunny April day in 1989
Kevin a 17-year-old Liverpool fan
Set out excited to watch his team
Hopefully advance to the FA Cup final
After beating Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough
Not unlike thousands of football fans before and since
Unfortunately, tragedy struck that day and Kevin
Alongside 97 others lost their life because of that day
Never to return to the love of their families
Thus started a campaign by his mother Anne
To seek the truth and justice for the 98 including her son
A campaign that would last 30 years
A campaign that would engulf her life
A campaign that would eventually take her life
As she died in 2012 exhausted and having cancer
Anne Williams your legacy that you left is enormous
The shadow you cast is long